We offer the following ventilation cleaning and inspection services:

Ductwork cleaning

Image: Duct before cleaning Image: Duct after cleaning

Before cleaningAfter cleaning

A Hepa filtered vacuum air handling machine will be employed to exhaust contaminants from the ductwork as they are removed from the ductwork surfaces by traditional compressed air and hand vacuuming.

Fans and air handling units

Image: Fan sections Image: Air handling unit refurbishment

Fan sectionsAir handling unit refurbishment

All supply and exhaust air fans and fan housings, filter trays and housing, mixing plenums, and heating/cooling coils will be vacuumed utilizing Hepa Filtered vacuum equipment.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Degrease, clean and disinfect kitchen extracts and grease filters. The recommended cleaning periods for kitchen extract systems are: Heavy use (12-16 hrs/day) 3 monthly.

Moderate use (6-12 hrs/day) 6 monthly, and light use (2-6 hrs/day) annually.

Failure to implement maintenance procedures will result in an accumulation of grease and dirt build up in the system which in turn will promote the growth of bacteria, increase the fire risk and reduce airflow, thereby affecting efficiency.

Grease filter cleaning services

Air filter replacements

CAS offers a collection and delivery service on a weekly or monthly basis. Grease filters act as part of a first line defence against grease deposit Regular cleaning is essential to the efficiency of the system.

Our rapidly changing environmental expectations during recent years have resulted in more ductwork being installed in commercial and industrial buildings. It is very important that a high standard of cleanliness is maintained during installation as well as maintenance when operational.

Heating and cooling coil cleaning

Heat coil

CCTV video inspection

Image: CCTV 1 Image: CCTV 2

Clean Air Systems offers a CCTV monitoring service. A camera and lighting system is mounted on a track vehicle which is remotely operated. This provides clients with a video recording of the internal condition of their ventilation systems. VHS format video tapes can be used in conjunction with the identification legend for all points in system that were examined or tested for microbial growth evaluation, or any areas of special interest.

Laboratory analysis

Microbial swab samples from the internal surfaces of the mechanical units and ventilation ducts can be taken, incubated and examined. The reported results can then be monitored as part of an on going monitoring programme.

New ductwork installations

Clean Air Systems as part of our services will give advice on the level of cleaning required and check that the installation conforms to safety and access standards. We will take into consideration the plant and equiptment being installed in the new premises to ensure that the levels of cleanliness are compatible to the ventilation system installed or in place. Cleaning of new ductwork systems is carried out in accordance with “DW/TM2, Cleanliness of new ductwork installations”, which sets out the criteria to ensure that new ductwork systems remain clean during the installation period prior to commissioning.